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What is Aluminum Capping?

Aluminum Capping is a pre-finished aluminum sheet that is machine formed and cut to fit over your existing wooden garage frame. It is commonly used on exterior wooden doors and windows for homes and other types of buildings for aesthetical and performance purposes.

When installed correctly, the results are impeccable, and the curb appeal is drastically improved. However, when not installed correctly, the clients are left with a garage that looks uneven, unattractive, and adds additional cost to remove and replace existing capping.

At ONC Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on our work and finished product. We believe in two mantras: getting the job done RIGHT, and getting it done on the FIRST TIME.

This is why our Aluminum Capping is prepared and installed by our dedicated, professional, and experienced technicians who will accurately measure the garage opening, machine form and cut the aluminum sheets to size, and install the capping with pride for a perfect result and fit!

Our Aluminum Capping services are always under warranty. You’d be pleased to know that we have not had any warranty calls from any of our Aluminum Capping jobs since we have been in business. And we plan on keeping it that way!

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6 Reasons for Aluminum Capping

Purchasing a new home comes with many benefits such as, having a safe place for your family, a great financial investment, and pride of ownership. These homes, as great as they are, require a lot of on-going maintenance. Whether it’s replacing the roof, leaky windows, a new coat of paint. The list goes on!

We’re here to make this list a bit shorter for you by telling you about Aluminum Capping.

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1. Did you say, “no maintenance?”

Yes, we did! The most appealing benefit of Aluminum Capping is there is virtually no maintenance required for your wooden garage frame. No more chipped, cracked, or split wood to worry about. That means no sanding, painting, refinishing, NOTHING!

All you have to think about is what to do with all that extra time on your hands.

And the best part is that if and when it gets dirty, all you’ll need is a mixture of detergent and water to get it looking like that day it was installed.

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2. Wooden door frames will last longer

You get what you pay for. If installed and sealed correctly, the Aluminum sheet will protect the wood from rain, snow and damage over the years resulting in a longer and happier life.

3. Shiny and Clean

Covering your existing wooden frame with Aluminum will accentuate your Garage Door and give your house added curb appeal that will turn heads.

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4. Does it come in Black?

Of course, it also comes in more than 12 different colours.

ONC Garage Doors also offers mix and match at no extra cost. For example, if the garage door is white you can choose black or any other colour that we offer to suit your desired look.

5. Another one bites the rust

Replacing the Aluminum Capping due to rust or faded colouring is a thing of the past. You will be close to retirement by the time rust and colour fading appear to our high-quality Aluminum sheeting!

6. Energy Efficient

When installed and sealed correctly (which at ONC, it always is!) the capping acts as a barrier to the harsh Canadian weather. It will prevent hot and cold air from entering the garage which will benefit any living spaces above your garage.

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