5 Reasons to Purchase an Insulated Garage Door

 If you are looking for a new garage door for a residential property, it is recommended to purchase a door that has some type of insulation. This is especially true if you have a garage that is attached to your home. If your garage has a door that connects it to the inside of your home, or if it is located below a living space such as a bedroom, having an insulated door becomes even more important as it will help to keep the temperature regulated. However, there are more reasons other than energy saving that make insulated garage doors beneficial. We will discuss the 5 main reasons why you should choose an insulated garage door for your home.

  1. Energy saving

Garages are generally one of the least energy efficient spaces of your home. They are not considered living spaces, so they are not built to the same standards as the rest of the home.  Many people are converting garages into living spaces, however, even if you have no plans to do this, it is still in your best interest to invest in an insulated door. This is because your garage will transfer the cold air into the living spaces connected to them. Having an insulated garage door will keep the garage warmer and this will make a difference to the rest of the house.

  1. Your car and other stored items will be protected

Temperature can affect your car and other items that you may have stored in your garage. Freezing cold temperatures can cause dead car batteries, low tire pressure, thickened engine, transmission, and brake fluids. Supplies such has cans of paint, cleaning chemicals, oils and many other items can be damaged from extreme temperatures and even raising the garage temperature by several degrees can make a huge difference.

  1. Insulated doors are quieter

Regular door maintenance can solve many problems related to noise; however, it won’t resolve everything. Doors that are insulated are heavier than non-insulated ones, so they tend to not vibrate, rattle and jolt around as much. With lightweight, non-insulated doors the panels are much more likely to vibrate, creating more noise.

  1. Durability

Insulated 3-layer garage doors are more durable than non-insulated ones.  With a layer of steel on each side and the centre filled with insulation, they are less likely to become damaged. Dented garage doors will decrease your curb appeal so why not do everything possible to keep the chances to a minimum?

  1. Convenience and comfort

Insulated doors will keep your garage warmer so it will be a little bit nicer getting into your car in the morning, taking things inside from the garage and getting kids to and from the car in the cold weather. Also, if you do plan of using your garage for additional space to put a gym or a workshop, an insulated garage door will be necessary to keep the temperature regulated inside.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to having an insulated garage door put in. ONC Doors can assist you with a free quotation for a new insulated garage door if you are in the GTA. We can help you choose the best door for your home!