Weatherstripping on garage doors

Weatherstripping on garage doors tend to be one of the most neglected components of a door even though it has such an important function! It is easy for many homeowners to completely forget about their weatherstripping since it is less noticeable than other larger parts of the door and regular maintenance is more often geared towards the functional moving parts that operate the door.  Don’t neglect your weatherstripping as it does serve an essential purpose and does require occasional replacement.

Weatherstripping is fitted carefully around the sides and bottom of the door to prevent drafts, stabilize your home’s internal temperature, keep out water and rain, prevent dirt and debris from entering and even helps keep out pesky rodents that are looking for an easy entrance. These are some quite essential functionsa that can prevent you from dealing with some much larger problems and even save you money on your energy bills. An insulated door is not good enough on its own. You can have one of the highest rated R-value doors available and it will do very little for you if there are gaps all around it.

Weatherstripping like anything else will suffer from wear and tear over time. It will gradually deteriorate from age, pests, friction, and exposure to the outdoor elements. It best to inspect your door’s weatherstripping twice a year, at minimum once per year. Good quality weatherstripping should last you several years with no issues if it has been correctly installed.

Check for Damage

Doing a quick and simple inspection will help you determine if your weatherstripping needs replacement. Here are some things to look for that will tell you that your weatherstripping isn’t in ideal condition.

·      Visible damage such as cracking, flaking, tears or missing chunks

·      Weatherstripping has become dried out and brittle

·      You can feel drafts coming in

·      Light shines through

·      Signs of animals inside the garage such as droppings

·      Water is entering the garage when raining

·      Lots of dirt and debris inside even though the door is mainly kept closed

If you notice any of these, then chances are your weatherstripping is no longer serving its purpose! Weatherstripping is relatively easy to install especially if you are good with DIY projects, however it can still be a good idea to have a professional take care of this. Weatherstripping needs to be aligned perfectly for it to be effective. If installed incorrectly it can cause problems with the doors operation and will not last its entire lifespan. ONC Doors can assist you with weatherstripping installation so that you are guaranteed to get all of its full benefits!