Broken Springs

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Broken Springs

Springs are an important part of your garage door, and all garage doors require them to work.  Springs are responsible for lifting and closing the door and they carry most of the weight.  Garage door springs most often fail due to wear and tear but can also fail if they have become rusted or have not been maintained properly.  You can tell that you have a broken spring if the door seems to be crooked, the top half of the door is misaligned, the door opens slightly and then slams down and/or the cables appear to be loose and dangling.  Don’t attempt to fix a broken spring yourself.  Springs are under a lot of tension and can be dangerous without the right tools and expertise.

ONC Garage Door Services can have your broken spring sorted out in a jiffy!  We carry all standard spring sizes on hand of the highest quality available on the market.  If we ever need to order a spring, there is no additional cost.  Our standard spring cycles are 10 000 which is what brand-new garage doors are equipped with.  We provide the best service in Mississauga and surrounding areas for a low cost.  Customer satisfaction is important to us, and you can be sure that the job will always be done right!

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