Can I Replace One Spring on My Garage Door?

Many garage doors operate with two springs, one on each side of the door. A spring has broken on your garage door and now you may be wondering if you can just replace the broken one or if it is necessary to have both replaced. This is a frequent question that we get from homeowners when they call in for a broken spring.

Although technically you can only replace the broken one, it is not recommended, and a professional would never advise you to do this. It may be tempting to save the additional expense however all springs eventually wear out and so if one spring has broken the other is most likely close to breaking as well. Changing both springs at the same time will create less of a headache for you and will prevent your door from becoming unbalanced.

If you have springs that are in different conditions the weight may not be distributed evenly across the door. A weak spring will put additional stress on other components of your garage door and could cause them to fail, resulting in the need for further repairs. The newly replaced spring may also take on additional load which can shorten its lifespan.

Garage doors can be heavy, sometimes weighing up to around 350 pounds. The job of the springs is to counterweigh the door. Your garage door opener lifts and lowers the door but it is the springs that are carrying the weight. Your door opener may still be able to operate the door with only one spring however it should not be used in this condition. You can cause further damage to the door and the opener.

  • The additional weight may cause your opener’s motor to burn out
  • The opener rail may bend
  • The door could come slamming down which could cause injury and damage your door
  • The chain or belt may break

What should I do if I have a broken spring?

It is best to not use the door with a broken spring but if you really need to it is possible. Unplug your door opener and disconnect it from the door so that you can open it manually. Be very cautious, the door can be extremely heavy. If you don’t believe you can manage the weight of the door, leave it, it isn’t worth the door slamming down on you. Have another person assist you if possible. Keep in mind that spring replacement should only be handled by a professional. Springs are under a lot of tension and an inexperienced person could be severely injured. Call a reputable garage door company such as ONC Doors to get the springs replaced as soon as possible.