Eliminate Noise with a Garage Door Tune-Up!

Is your garage door unusually noisy? In many cases this can be resolved with a simple tune-up! Tune-ups are recommended twice a year but should at least be done once yearly. This will help to ensure the garage door’s safety, reliability, and quiet, smooth operation. Garage doors are used frequently and have many moving parts so they should be inspected and tuned-up on a regular basis. This can prevent larger issues with your door from appearing in the future and increase the life of the door and opener.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Tune-Up

Strange noises when the door is opening and/or closing
The door doesn’t move smoothly
Door feels heavier and more resistant than usual when opening it manually
The tracks have become bent or misaligned
The door opener struggles to open and close the door
The rollers are damaged and/or are slipping or jamming in the tracks
The door is no longer lifting symmetrically

Failing to have these types of garage door issues can result in major repairs or in some cases the possibility of having to replace the door entirely. Failing parts can also create serious safety hazards so it is advisable to have any problems rectified as quickly as possible.

What Does a Tune-Up Entail?

The technician performing the tune-up will go over every aspect of your garage door to ensure that all parts are in good condition and the door is operating optimally. They will check the following;

Inspect all hardware and tighten any that have become loosened
Inspect door panels for signs of damage or rust
Inspect the cables for signs of fraying
Check the spring tension
Inspect the tracks for dents and misalignment
Inspect rollers for damage and wear and tear
Lubricate all moving parts
Test door opener keypads, remotes
Test the door sensors and safety features

Just as anything else in your home, your garage door should be regularly maintained. Investing in regular tune-ups can help identify and solve any problems before worsening, therefore saving you money on major repairs. ONC Garage Door Services can help with any of your garage door needs, including complete tune-ups.