Garage Door Stuck ?

It can be extremely frustrating and concerning to have your garage door stuck open, particularly if you are leaving for work or it’s nighttime. Many of us keep valuables locked away in our garage such as lawn equipment, power tools, sports equipment, and our cars, among other things. If your door won’t close that can be a huge security issue as it leaves your property vulnerable but don’t immediately panic as there can be many reasons for this to happen, some of which are small issues that you should be able to fix yourself.

So, what are some reasons that your door may be stuck open? Here is a list of things to check.

Safety sensors. This is the first component to check. If anything is obstructing the sensors, the door will not shut. This is a safety feature required for all automatic doors so that the door cannot close on objects, pets, or people if they are underneath the door. Inspect the area to ensure that there are no small objects blocking the sensors. These sensors may also just be dirty, and a gentle wipe down can solve the issue. Otherwise, they may be faulty or misaligned.

Transmitter batteries are dead. The problem may be as simple as replacing the transmitter batteries. The batteries typically will last a couple of years before they need to be changed. Test to see if your garage door will open and close with the wall mounted control. If this method works then you should try replacing the batteries in the remote and then test it.

Broken springs. The garage door springs counter the weight of the door making it easy to lift. If your spring is broken or damaged the door may not be able to lift at all or can be extremely difficult to do so. A simple visual inspection will be able to tell you if this is the problem. If you notice that the springs are in fact damaged or broken, we advise not trying to open or close the door. Springs should be replaced by a garage door professional; this is not a DIY task. Without the proper knowledge and training, this is dangerous since the springs are under immense tension.

Damaged or broken cables. Garage doors require cables to function properly, they work in unison with the springs to lift and lower the heavy weight of the door. If they have snapped or are damaged, they will not be able to do this. Even an inexperienced person should be able to tell if this is the case with a visual check. Cables are best to be replaced by a specialist.

Tracks are damaged. The tracks are another vital component of your door so if these are misaligned, bent, warped, or damaged in any way, it can prevent the door from moving. Tracks may also have become blocked with some type of debris. If this is the case, you can simply remove the blockage. Otherwise, you may need to realign the tracks or need to have them replaced.

Incorrect door travel limits. Your garage door opener has a travel distance setting which controls the position of where the door stops opening and closing. Over time this setting may need to be readjusted. If it is set too high the door will stop closing before it touches the ground and if the setting is too low the door will think that it has hit something when it reaches the floor and reverse. You can check your opener manual and try to tweak the setting.

As you can see, there can be many reasons for your garage door to be stuck open, some more severe than others. Hopefully you are experiencing a minor problem that you can fix yourself, however if this is not the case you should call in the professionals. ONC Garage Door Services can help get your door closing properly again! We offer emergency service, available around the clock so if you are in a jam just give us a call!