How to Extend Your Garage Door’s Lifespan!

How to Extend Your Garage Door’s Lifespan!

Becoming a homeowner is a huge investment and comes with many responsibilities. You want to ensure that everything is taken care of and is in proper working order. To do this you need to keep up with regular maintenance on many parts of your home and this includes your garage door! The garage door is an important part of your home as it protects your garage, can play an essential part in security and boosts curb appeal, so you want to keep it to looking good and functioning optimally for as long as possible. It can also be extremely inconvenient when it breaks down as most of us use them on multiple occasions every day! Not to mention, having to replace your garage door can be pricey. Here are some tips on some easy ways that you can use to increase the lifespan of your garage door.

  • Read the owner’s manual.
    This seems like a given but many people do not bother reading the manual! If you don’t know about something, it can be quite difficult to effectively take care of it. Reading the manufacturer’s owner manual is the best way to learn about your garage door and how to carry out the necessary maintenance. By doing what is suggested in the manual you may be able to avoid potential issues, troubleshoot common problems and keep your door in excellent shape for many years. If you are unsure where your manual is, you should be able to find one online from the manufacturer.
  • Lubricate parts
    Garage doors operate due to moving parts that are mainly made up of metal so it is important to keep them well lubricated for smooth opening and closing and to reduce noise. It’s a good idea to lubricate them about twice a year. It is especially important to lubricate the tension springs as they do all the heavy lifting. Just keep in mind that if you notice any damage to the springs, you should call in a professional. Tension springs can be extremely dangerous and should never be dealt with on your own.
  • Check and clean the tracks
    Dirt and debris will collect over time in the roller tracks. If too much builds up, it will begin to affect how the rollers move on the track. It may even cause them to come off the track or become stuck. Refer to your owner’s manual for cleaning, but all that is normally needed is some soapy water and a cloth or scrubbing brush to remove the dirt.
  • Clean the garage door front
    Cleaning the front of your garage door will keep your door looking great and will also help protect the metal parts and weatherstripping. Again, refer to your manual for cleaning recommendations but it usually only requires a simple mixture of mild soap and warm water. Never use anything abrasive to wipe your garage door and rise it off with your garden hose when done. You should also pay special attention to cleaning between the slats. A proper cleaning at least once a year will help to prevent damage and stains.

    Following these tips will help to protect your garage door, keep it running smoothly and extend its life! If you notice something not right with your door, give ONC Garage Door Services a call and we will be there to help in no time!

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