Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

Mississauga has had a rising number of break-ins, and your garage door is one of the common ways for burglars to gain access to your home. In the last couple of months, we have attended to several doors which had been damaged from break and entries. Even if you believe your neighborhood to be safe, it is best to be prepared and take the proper precautions to secure your garage door and home. Here are some steps we recommend you take to help protect your assets and family.

  1. Bring your garage door opener remote inside at night.

Many people use their garage door as a main entrance into the home and using a remote from your car can be very convenient. However, it is important to realize that if your leave your car outside and you have your garage door remote visible, someone could possibly break into your car to gain easy access to the garage.

  1. Frosted or dark tinted windows are best.

For the most protection, it may be best to avoid windows in your garage door although many people prefer the look with them. They also can be beneficial as they can provide some natural lighting.

If you choose to have a door with windows, it can be a wise choice to go with frosted or dark tinted glass. This way people passing by cannot get a view of what is inside and your valuables will be kept concealed .

  1. Get a power lock.

Power locks can be a great additional measure against break-ins. You can either use a padlock with a key or some openers from Liftmaster have built in automatic locks that will keep your garage door secured to the ground.

  1. Upgrade your door opener.

Older garage door openers are much easier for a burglar to gain entry to as they used limited frequencies. Due to this is it easier for the signal to be imitated. Newer door openers use rotating frequencies that make it much more difficult.

  1. Installing cameras and an alarm system.

Deterrence does work. Many burglars will simply choose somewhere easier if they can see that a home has a security system. When setting up a security system you should be sure to include the garage in the perimeter as many times garages are left out.

  1. Keep up to date with your garage door maintenance.

Neglecting your door can affect its security. Broken or weak spots on your garage door will attract those looking for an easy break-in.

ONC Doors can assist you to secure your garage door. Give us a call for regular maintenance, installing locks, or upgrading to a newer and more secure door opener.