Pros and Cons of Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

There are several great options when it comes to garage door openers. Lately, jackshaft openers have been increasingly gaining popularity. These openers are not like the typical, traditional type openers. They are wall mounted beside the garage door rather than hanging from the ceiling. Jackshafts were mostly used in commercial settings but have become more frequently used in residences over the past number of years.

Jackshafts operate a little differently than the ceiling mounted electric openers. Ceiling mounted use a trolley bar system that operate with a chain or belt and an overhead track to raise and lower the door. Jackshafts on the other hand open and close the door using the spring by turning the torsion bar.

So, what are the benefits of a jackshaft opener?

  1. Space saver

Jackshaft openers are wall mounted and can save you a significant amount of space in your garage. You can then use this overhead space for storage. This can be beneficial particularly if you have a smaller home with not many storage areas.

  1. Can be installed in difficult spaces

Wall mount openers can be a fantastic solution if you have an irregular garage where ceiling mount openers are difficult or even impossible to install such as a garage with sloped or cathedral ceilings or if there is a wooden beam or pipes covering the area where it would need to be installed.

  1. Quiet operation

Jackshaft openers make very minimal noise. This can be hugely beneficial if you are concerned about noise if your garage is near to a bedroom or living space. These are the most silent type of opener available.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

Wall mounted openers have fewer moving parts than ceiling mounted ones and so the amount of maintenance is less. Who doesn’t like minimal maintenance?

  1. Programming and automation

Many jackshaft openers have greater capabilities than ceiling mounted openers, giving you more control over your garage door via touchpad or wifi device.

  1. Aesthetically appealing

Jackshafts have a streamlined appearance which can make them visually appealing. They present a very clean look.

The cons of jackshafts

There are not many disadvantages to having a jackshaft opener. The main ones would be:

  1. They are more costly

Jackshaft opened can be between 25-50% more than the traditional type of openers. They also really require a pro for the installation because the torsion springs need to be perfectly tuned for them to operate.

  1. They do have some installation limitations

They require at least 7” of space on the side of the door and a minimum of 3” above the torsion rod.

  1. Can only be used with sectional doors

Jackshafts are not able to used on single panel doors, they must be used with sectional or roll-up doors .

If you have any questions about jackshaft openers and whether this is the right type of opener for you, contact us today. ONC Doors is always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have!