Should I Upgrade My Garage Door Rollers?

Upgrading the rollers on your garage door is an inexpensive and easy way to keep your garage door running optimally. The rollers are a vital component as they hold the door on the tracks and play a large role in how quietly and smoothly your garage door will open and close. Over time, garage doors will tend to become louder and may struggle as wear and tear develops from normal usage. Rollers, just like any other part of the door, will eventually wear out and can become damaged, resulting in slow or jerky operation which can put a strain on other parts of the door as well as the opener.

Cheap plastic rollers are low quality and will wear out much faster than more expensive roller options. They are widely included in economy garage door kits, or even in new build homes as they provide a cost-effective solution for builders. If you have plastic rollers and they need replacement, it is well worth it to invest in nylon rollers and they won’t put you out a lot of money.

The Benefits of Upgrading Garage Door Rollers

Smoother and quieter operation. Premium rollers will create less friction when the door is in motion therefore making your door operate more silently and fluently.

Less garage door maintenance. Plastic rollers are known for problems such as frequently coming off the tracks. This can create a series of issues and begin to wear out of parts of your garage door before their time such as sprockets, gears, and belts.

Longer life. Ball bearing rollers are designed to last. With proper garage door maintenance, they can last roughly 12-20 years before they need replacing. Investing in better quality parts will help to ensure that your garage door stays working as it should and will reduce the chances of an unexpected and inconvenient repair.

What is My Best Option?

If you are looking to replace your rollers you may be wondering what the best choice is. We definitely recommend staying away from plastic at all costs and upgrading to a better-quality roller. Ball bearing rollers are the best as they reduce friction. Plastic rollers never come with ball bearings while steel and nylon rollers almost always do. Steel rollers are less expensive and typically are slightly longer lasting than nylon however they create more noise. We strongly recommend nylon since they have both a good lifespan and are also quite silent.

ONC Doors can help assist you with your garage door roller replacement. If you notice your door not operating smoothly or is noisier than it used to be, give us a call and we will get it working like new in no time.