What Are the Best Uses for a Garage

Your garage has a lot of potential, and it offers you a great deal of space beyond the square footage of your home. You might be wondering what to do with an empty garage. Fortunately, you’ll find there are plenty of things to do in your garage. Many homeowners have devised creative ways to utilize the space, transforming it into workshops, art studios or storage rooms. Check out these garage makeover ideas for inspiration. As a bonus, many of the best garage features are inexpensive and easy to install.

1. Storage

Garages tend to become areas of storage, but many homeowners only use some of the available space. If you’re looking for storage projects to do in the garage, here are a few ideas:

Ceiling storage system: You can make use of vertical space by installing shelves near the ceiling.
Bike lifts: Bicycles can take up a lot of room. A bike lift system is a clever method for clearing bikes out of the way. Using roped hooks and pulleys, you can lock bikes into place near the ceiling.
Door storage: If your garage has an up-and-over door, you can use it for added storage. Attach mesh totes to the inside of the door, fixed with brackets.
Bungee rope bins: If you have any athletes in your house, you know how sports balls can get in the way. You could use a storage bin with vertical bungee ropes attached across the opening to contain the balls while allowing easy access.
Jars under shelves: You can make double use of your shelves — all you have to do is screw the lids of jars to the underside of each shelf. This is a great way to store small, easy-to-lose items like screws, nails and rubber bands.
Pegboards: Pegboards are a great addition to any garage because they’re so versatile. They allow you to arrange your items however you choose to utilize every square inch.
Rolling bins: Another option for tool storage is a rolling storage bin. You can pull it out when needed and push it against the wall when not, saving floor space.